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Single place where all your team's and personal information is automatically organised, synced and interconnected.

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Automatically keep all documents, links, files and conversations organised and interrelated.

Search across all apps, websites and documents your team works with.

Never forget to share any piece of information with relevant people, using sharing suggestions.

Sense is the best fit for your team if...

🛑 You don’t have a single source of truth.

🛑 People have to search across tons of apps and chats.

🛑 When something is not shared means it is lost.

🛑 You are fed up of manual solutions.

Your work is automatically organised

All resources are interconnected

You get what is important for you

Get a single source of truth for your work routine

Sense Self-organised Spaces is the only source of truth you need for your projects. Everything is automatically connected, organised and synced. Get all your projects, channels and folders at one place.

Know more about your content

Sense automatically finds related content and conversations for every document, file, link, task, person, etc. So a document is never just one thing anymore.

Search across all apps

Don’t try to remember, where you have seen a file or link last time. Sense is a unified place to search across all apps, chats and people within your team.

Get what is important for you

With Sense you get a your personal hub with the things, which are the most essential to pay you attention to: mentions, emails, meetings, decisions, valuable knowledge and other deliverables.

Use our Chrome extension to stay in context

Install Sense Chrome extension to quickly search through all your apps using simple keyboard shortcut.
It will also easily provide you with an overview of the content related to the current tab.

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How it works

Connect apps your team uses

Sense finds interrelations and classifies your resources

Assets get organised automatically in different ways

Sense is your business booster


capacity growth that billable teams like Sales and Engineers can expect.


higher speed of people onboarding, data sharing, projects and tasks management etc.


more successful cases the same number of Support team members can close.

Sense is an exceptional tool that effortlessly gathers and arranges your information without any difficulty. With its user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly keep track of all your information resources and access them promptly. The impressive overall functionality of Sense, coupled with its intuitive interface, makes it a perfect solution for anyone seeking to simplify their information management.

Agrima Sharma

Marketing Executive at Flutin

Awesome concept led by a great designer! As someone who manages a startup, organization of knowledge is a struggle but key to efficient remote working. Sense helps a growing team share and find that knowledge! I am an early adopter and excited to see the progress.

Ayor A

Co-founder at StackInfluence

Awesome product! I use it daily with my team. Sense app collects all information about a specific topic from Jira, Slack, Teams, Outlook. Finally, I don't need to keep in mind where and what someone mentioned before. Now I have all info in one place. Thank you so much for such a great app!

Iryna Hryshanovich


Easy setup and lots of available integrations.

Derk Steemers

Marketing Ninja

It is a great experience using this integrator which connects literally all the tools I work with daily!

Vladimir Smirnov

A sales person at Litslink.com

The experience is great, really very useful and cool solution!

Mikhail Sidakov

Entrepreneur, VP at Republic, ex-BCGer

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Sense: Artificial memory for your work


Tools & Apps

A single place where all your personal and team's information is automatically organized, synced, and interconnected.


Privacy is the highest value

  • Any piece of data we store is safely encoded.

  • We don’t store any sensitive data, only metadata.

  • You have full control on your data.

  • We don’t change access levels of the integrated apps. If you can’t access something via the integrated apps, you can’t access it via Sense.

  • We are fully GPDR compliant.


We support all tools teams love the most


Dropbox Business

Google Drive

Google Slides


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Sharepoint





Google Calendar

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