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Privacy is in our DNA

At Sense we believe that the best approach to secure your data is to not store it at all. Sense doesn't store anything from connected apps. We are very careful about any data that we process.

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We are fully GPDR compliant

Servers located in Germany

Your data is yours

We do not collect any user-specific data, which means that your account is completely private and secure. We do create graphs to show how your different files and links are related, but even these you can choose to export or delete upon request.

We don't store anything from your apps

Nothing from your integrations is stored anywhere by Sense. The only two things we store is a graph of connections between anonymised IDs and your access tokens to authenticate you in your apps, which are completely encrypted and secure.

No 3rd-party services to detect relationships

We use our own algorithms to detect relationships. Sense analyses data from your apps and finds direct interlinking, makes assumptions of resources to be connected and uses other graph-based algorithms made and maintained by Sense.

Hosting options

You can choose whether you run Sense on-premise or in the cloud.

All data is encrypted

All data is encrypted at rest using AES 256 and it is encrypted in transit. There are also controls in place to limit data exfiltration risks.

Authentication-based access to any resource

All integrations require authentication and permission consent.

No extra access layers

We use the existing access levels from the apps you connect. Which means that Sense doesn't create its own access levels. Nobody will gain access to resources they don't already have access to.

View-only access

Sense doesn't change anything within your apps: we neither write, edit, delete, or update anything within your apps. We do not do anything that can somehow affect the status of your resources within the original apps. Sense allows you to see what is in your apps and organize it more efficiently.


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