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Stay in context with
Sense Chrome Extension

Install Sense Chrome extension to quickly search through all your apps using simple keyboard shortcut. It will also easily provide you with an overview the content related to the current tab.

Get full background of the things your are working on

All documents, links, tasks and anything else you work on are not the single things anymore. With Sense Chrome Extension you will get full details about your current browser tabs: related resources, discussions, updates — everything is always close at your hand.

Search across all your apps from browser

Press Cmd (Ctrl)+Shift+S and enjoy centralised search across all apps and services, your team uses, right from your browser! Sense can search by resource name, app, category, and related people as well.

Don't keep dozens of tabs opened

You can instantly add your tabs to your spaces on Sense. With just one click you can share your browsing fundings with your team. Sense will analyse added tabs and connect it to other resources from your team apps.

Install Sense
Chrome Extension

Get important resources right from the place you currently are.

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